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yay! big thanks to http://timidlyarrogant.livejournal.com/ for making my emotions thingy on here from a file i got from another LJ but i forget who it was ^^;
so remind me if it's yours

wow havn't done this in a while....mostly been on Deviantart really *shrugs*

hmm....things that have happened....grew out my god awful highlights in my hair...natural all the way!
my hair is actually shoulder length now -le gasp- last time i wrote here it was in a spikey bob XD.....with god awful highlights XD

moved rooms...bigger room now, with a laptop named Pixel, and gratuitous amounts of manga....and cheep film cameras XD
i might post a pic in the hours of daylight XD (11pm here right now...yay!)
cosplayed for the first time XD as light yagami, it was very lat minute XD i plan to cosplay edward elric pretty soonish....like may XD but that will be better put together i'm sure.
how is everyone?! havn't spoken to you guys in years!
(or what seems like lol)
gonna go drink my tea now.....bye bye!
Emily (resident manga whore)

Where Names Come From

well....i think i've established i'm addicted to these qeustions XD

and so here it goes....

my real name has a little story,
my sister...who was 6 at the time of my birth decided that SHE wanted to name me...and my parents decided that if she came up with anything half decent they'd let her XD
so, my parents had bought her a book about a kids mum who was having a baby (to prepare her lol) and the friendly nurse in there was called "Emily" so thus my first name, my middle name...well, she had a bff named Fay, but my parents wanted to change it a little so i was named "Faye" oh genius...they added an E

in later years i would come to realise that my mum had picked out a name i liked better XD but i'm happy my sister gave me a name that had a story...and was in alphabetical order
(initials are EFG ....my child will be HIJ XD KLM and NOP XD) my name would've most likely been the initials TFG if my mum had her way... or TJG...i would'v liked that one the best
stands for Tabitha Jasmine XD it's so CUTE! i probably would've turned out a little more girly with that name XD or more of a tomboy XD to be ironic

if you guys have some stories then i'd like to hear them ^_^

i feel as though i should answer ¬.¬

Do you have a remarkable phobia? Does your phobia have a large impact on your life?

my answer is in fact...........fingernails...........MY GOSH! i hate them, i keep mine as short as humanly possible, i don't like getting things stuck under them, i don't like seeing people cut/file/pick at thier own...i actually go all pale D:
i'd say that yes, it does affect my life, i use to like wearing...nail polish, but now i fear putting it on because it will chip off and then UGH! it's to horrible to imagine, whenever my friend Beka wears nail polish i ask her not to show me her nails...because she tends to bore of it and pick it off T_T UGH!
i think this fear came from an incedent from when i was around 8, i was trying to go up hill by holding on to a fence with my rollerskates...i fell my hand went to the floor...my foot went forward and over it...and tore....my pinky nail off (_o_)it makes me feel ill to remember.

yes i will resist the damned righters blockness soon enough........it's just i wanted to see if anyone could give me a name for this fear D: since i can't find it...if my friend could find the name of his (fear of the colour red) then i think ishould be able to find out the term for mine D:

i'll try and post a comicnes soon enough ^_^

also i went to see DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is UNBELIEVEABLY AMAZING! i was invited to a free pre showing in my local cinema (because i'm speckle!) and oh my gosh! sooooooooooooooooo good and i was squeeing in the first part so much it made my friend josh tut at me XD ADVICE IS TO SEE IT NOW AND COMPLETE YOUR CINEMA NEEDS!

i also saw Angus thongs and perfect snogging yesterday...since one of the stars was from my town, they were showing it for her friends for free a week before the release...and we snuck in hehe XD it's pretty good, quite funny...and angus the cat is possitively adorable! i want a cat XD

so i'll post a properness soon but until then, you can lol over this entry
see y'all
Emily (Townsy)

Writer's Block: Becoming a TV Character

If you could be any character from any TV show, who would you be and why?

i was actually discussing this with someone the other day. and i came to the conclusion that i'd Be Edward Elric from Fullmetal alchemist...my reasons?
well for one, i'd like to experiance Automail, and who better than Edward for that?
also i'd like to fell short for once...being almost 6ft...feeling shorter than someone is a rare treat ^^;

i'd also like to have a brother, i have a sister, so i know what thats like, but not a brother ^_^ or to be the oldest! i'm always the youngest XD

also...now this seem strange but..i'd be interested in knowing what loss was like..the only thing close to me i've ever lost is my hamster, and i think to truely be able to comfort someone who has experianced loss, you have to have lost someone yourself...i'm fortunate enough to have never experianced the loss of a close person...sure i've lost a friend through an accident beyond my control, but that was different, since i saw him maybe...once or more a month, we spoke but never went places etc. so i can't really count that one..

well enough with the babbling, i'll post a comic soon as, i'm possibly enrolling in an online comic writing school, so i can develop my idea for a comic and possibly go on to sell it ^_^

laterz people
Emily (townsy)


i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired D:

it's my friends birthday today and i had to miss going into town with them over LARYINGITIS! i hate being sick D:

highlight of my day so far...haveing an invitation to a BBQ in the post XD most random post ever.....

i hope everyone else i healthier than me lol
post soon
Emily (townsy...yes a new nickname derived from scrubs by my friend lol)


Writer's Block: The Bad Habit

Talk about a habit that you just cannot break.

my bad habits that i can't break for god knows what reasons are, boredom eating- i hate this because it means i gain weight during winter when i can't go outside much, or am forced to be inside due to illness or weather.
another is that i can't stay still, or in the same position for more than 10 minutes (i've timed myslef) i must be very annoying as a photography subject/student/audience member
i'm either biting my necklace, tracing the lines on my hands, rubbing my hands together, pulling threads on my jeans or shirt, moving/ tapping my feet, changing how i'm sitting, uncrossing/crossing my legs, watching my leg twitch, among other things, while i listen to people
probably my worst habit is not looking at people when i listen to them, or when i'm talking to them, i'm almost always looking behind them, at thier jewelry, the floor, something in my hands, someone else etc my friends have learned to deal with it, but i'm still annoyed by it, and it makes it harder for me to sustain a good interview, if i hadn't have been interviewed by someone who had known me since i was a child for a job, i probably wouldn't have gotten one...it's THAT BAD, i must seem like a very anti socail person/headcase to people who don't know me when they see me in the flesh, e.g. i was talking to a friend i met through college the other day, and she said that when she met me that she had thought i was creepy, or just disconnected (a bit airy fairy as she put it lol) but after talking to me a couple times saw i was a nice person XD i'm thankful that i CAN show people i'm not a complete mental case.

if you want to reply to this could you guys do me a favour and post your habits in a comment below too please? thanks ^_^

Em (townsy XD)


hey! long time no type....
yeah i havn't been on as often as i use to, i've been sucked up by the horror that is college, and also sucked into reading manga..when i find time for that XD if anyone actualy reads this thier better of checking my deviant, i'm on there most days ^_^

photography is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wierd, i went in to class today for pre project critique. everyone else had prints they might use in thier final pieces...i had draft prints...but it seemed that people wanted to see them since i had to go second....also people asked me where to buy L XD little nendoroid is more poopular than me T_T kind if depressing some how, but he is a sexy little mofo XD

so all in all...you pretty much only need a cute model to be successful in photography..i thought i might share that piece of advise XD also SKITTLES MILKSHAKES ARE TO DIE FOR!
i had one wednesday, basically, if you have a blender throw in a scoop of vanila icecream and a dab of milk and a packet of skittles on pureé you'll have a yummy treat ^_^ also i'm now obsessed with strawberry pocky and twizzlers...why does american and japanese candy taste so much better than any srawberry products we get here? our apple stuff is ok and the grape jelly beans rock...but everything strawberry is bland...thats why i love pocky and Twizzlers ^_^ XD ok that concludes my week XD also if your goign to see that movie "awake" i'd say don't bother...in the end me and my friend were telling the murderers to get on with it, it dragged on so long with absolutley no plot i got soooo bored....i ate all my skittles before it got half way through T_T and that makes for a boring film in my books...

ok i'l stop now before this is way long and it's 2moro already

happy singles awareness day!

thats right! not VALENTINES day, but Singles awareness day! oh yes, as you may have geussed i'm single this year, needless to say i spent the day avoiding everything valentiney, been thinking about a guy i'm interested in all day (>.<) argh!
went to toys'r'us and bought another of those pokemon keychain things, my third lol thier only a pound, my "Riley" one broke...his arms fell off to be exact, my mespirit is ok it's got such a cute ^U^ face lol and i got a turtwig today.

hmmm...hopefully my luck will shine sooner rather than later ^_^
good day people!

Writer's Block: Repeat After Me...

How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?

ok i'm only answering this because it's something that hits home XD
my last name is Gallivan which when i say people have mispronounced as gullver, galliban gulliver, talliban (yes...) and caravan....yup so you can see why i'm so peed off by this. ok comment me with you stories relating!


first of all...HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!!!! or shrove tuesday...either way, lots of pancakes for everyone! including the vegans, yes vegan pancakes are goooood eatin lol
ok new photography project started, soon i'll have some maniped photos on here from that, mostly of toys and people in mad situations XD loads of fun

oh yes! manga convention in wales! FINALLY although it IS in a book store...argh! cosplay though! prizes for best outfit, i'm gonna try as L or a rendtion of a wammy house reject XD

argh! cannot find a drawing of Ivan Elbisivni anywhere (btw the first one to notice anything about his name wins ^_^ not sure what though)

phantom hourglass requires sooooo much random thought it's so fun XD great game for anyone with a ds, even if you have no experiance with interactive ds games or zelda XD

ok going to try and find a wig for tuesday and a white top ^_^ BYE
(your wammy reject 4th inline)